1. Remove the rubber stopper from the clamshell. 2. Insert the wire through the hole in the clamshell. 3. Wrap the wire around the bead tip a few times and trim any excess wire.

4. Squeeze the clamshell closed so that it grips the wire securely.

  • Open the clamshell bead tip by gently squeezing the two halves together
  • Insert the end of your beading wire into the hole in the bottom half of the clamshell
  • Use pliers to close the clamshell around the beading wire, trapping it inside
  • Trim any excess wire, and you’re ready to start beading!

How to Use Bead Tips

Bead tips are small metal findings that can be used to create professional looking jewelry. They are easy to use and allow you to add a bit of style to your designs. Here is a quick guide on how to use bead tips.

1) Start by threading your beads onto some beading wire. Make sure to leave enough wire at the end so that you can attach the bead tip. 2) Take the end of the beading wire and insert it into the back of the bead tip.

You may need to use pliers to help with this step. 3) Once the wire is inserted, bend it over so that it forms a loop. This will keep the beads from falling off of the wire.

4) Use your pliers to squeeze the two sides of the bead tip together. This will secure it in place and give your jewelry a professional look.

Bead Tips Knot Covers

Bead Tips and Knot Covers are two essential tools for creating beautiful, professional-looking jewelry. Bead Tips attach to the end of a beading wire, thread or cord, providing a neat finish and preventing the beads from sliding off. Knot Covers conceal knots between beads, giving your jewelry a polished look.

Bead Tips come in a variety of sizes and styles to fit any type of bead or cord. They can be applied with pliers or by hand, and are available in both temporary and permanent varieties. Permanent Bead Tips are soldered or glued in place, while temporary ones can be removed and reused.

Knot Covers come in both round and tubular shapes, and can be made from metal, plastic or rubber. They slip over knots between beads, hiding them from view. Like Bead Tips, they come in a variety of sizes to fit different types of beads and cords.

Using Bead Tips and Knot Covers is a simple way to take your jewelry making to the next level. By adding these professional-looking finishing touches, you’ll create beautiful pieces that will be sure to impress!

What are Bead Tips Used for

Bead tips are small metal findings that are used to attach beads to jewelry components. They have a small hole in the center that allows you to string your beads onto wire or thread. Bead tips also have a clasp on one end that can be opened and closed, making them very versatile and easy to use.

Bead tips are great for creating professional-looking jewelry. They make it easy to add beads of all sizes and shapes to your designs, and they keep your beads securely in place. Bead tips come in a variety of metals, including sterling silver, gold-filled, and copper.

You can also find them in different finishes, such as polished or antiqued. If you’re new to using bead tips, start by selecting the right size for your project. Smaller bead tips are best for delicate designs, while larger ones can be used for more substantial pieces.

Once you’ve chosen the perfect bead tip for your project, simply open the clasp and slide it onto your wire or thread. Then add your beads and close the clasp again. It’s that easy!

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced jeweler, bead tips are a great way to add professional polish to your designs. Give them a try next time you’re looking to dress up your jewelry!

How to Use Knot Covers

If you’re looking for a way to add a bit of flair to your next event, consider using knot covers! Knot covers are small fabric covers that can be used to cover up unsightly knots on chairs, tables, and other pieces of furniture. They come in a variety of colors and patterns, so you’re sure to find one that matches your event’s theme.

Here’s how to use knot covers: 1. Choose the right size. Knot covers come in different sizes, so make sure to measure the knots on your furniture before purchasing them.

2. Slip them over the knots. Once you have the right size, simply slip the knot cover over the top of the knot. 3. Secure with tape or pins (optional).

If you’re concerned about the knot cover slipping off, you can secure it in place with clear tape or pins. 4. Enjoy your new look! Knot covers are an easy and inexpensive way to add a touch of style to any event!

Bead Tips for Jewelry Making

Making your own jewelry is a great way to add personal touches to your style, and bead tips are an essential part of any beaded jewelry project. Here are some tips on how to use bead tips in your jewelry making: 1. Bead tips can be used to finish off the ends of beaded strands, preventing the beads from slipping off.

They can also be used to attach clasps or other findings. 2. Bead tips come in different sizes, so make sure to choose the right size for your project. If you’re not sure, err on the side of a larger size – it’s always easier to trim down a bead tip than it is to try and stretch one out!

3. When attaching a bead tip, squeeze it closed with pliers before inserting the wire or thread into the hole. This will help keep everything secure. 4. Use clear nail polish or glue to further secure the bead tip if needed.

Just apply a small amount around the seam where the two halves of the bead tip meet. Let it dry completely before continuing with your project.

How to Use Clamshell Bead Tips

Credit: blog.goodybeads.com

What are Clamshell Bead Tips For?

Clamshell bead tips are small metal findings that are used to finish the ends of beaded jewelry. They consist of two halves that snap together around the end of the beads, holding them in place and giving the jewelry a professional finished look. Clamshell bead tips come in a variety of sizes to accommodate different bead sizes, and they are available in both gold and silver colors.

How Do You Use a Clamshell Tip?

Clamshell tips are a type of tip that is used on solderless breadboards. They are called “clamshell” because they resemble the shape of a clam shell. To use a clamshell tip, you simply insert the two pins of the tip into the holes on the breadboard.

The advantage of using a clamshell tip is that it provides a more secure connection than other types of tips.

How Do You Use Clamshell Bead Tips With Wire?

If you’re looking to add a little extra detail to your next jewelry project, clamshell bead tips are a great option. Here’s a quick guide on how to use them: 1. Start by threading your wire through the clamshell bead tip.

Make sure the wire is long enough to reach from one end of the clamshell to the other. 2. Next, use pliers to crimp the wire around the edge of the clamshell. This will help keep the bead tip in place.

3. Finally, add your beads or charms to the wire and then close up the clamshell bead tip. Once again, use pliers to crimp the wire in place and make sure everything is secure.

How Do You Close Clam Shell Beads?

Clasping clam shell beads is a two-part process that begins with opening the jaws of the clam. To do this, insert a small, sharp object like a nail file or toothpick into the hole on one side of the clam. Gently pry open the clam until you can see the inner surface of both sides of the shell.

Next, use your thumb and forefinger to squeeze the jaws of the clam shut. The tension should be firm but not too tight – you don’t want to break the bead! Finally, slide a jump ring through both holes in the clam and close it securely.

Your bead is now ready to wear!

How to use bead tips | clamshells & calottes


If you’re looking for a simple and elegant way to finish off your jewelry designs, look no further than clamshell bead tips! Clamshell bead tips are easy to use and give your projects a professional touch. Just follow these simple steps and you’ll be finishing off your jewelry in no time.

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