To make a beaded daisy bracelet, you will need the following materials: -Beading thread -Scissors

-1mm beads in two colors (We used white and yellow) -A large needle that can fit your beads 1. Cut a piece of beading thread about 30 inches long.

String on about 50 beads of one color. Leave a tail of about 6 inches. 2. Make a knot at the end of the bead string, close to the last bead.

This will be the center of your flower. 3. String on 11 more beads of the same color. These are going to be your first petals!

To make each petal, go back through the last 5 beads you just added (beads 6-10). Pass your needle under bead 5 and over bead 11 (as shown in photo below), then pull tight so that bead 11 sits snug against bead 5, forming a loop or “petal” shape. String on 2 more beads for your second petal right next to the first one you made… and continue until you have made all 6 petals!

4. Once all six petals are complete, string on 25 beads of your second color – this will form the base or “wrapper” around your center daisy flowers. Again, leave a tail at the beginning before you start adding wrapper beads so that you can easily tie it off later! Continue stringing wrapper beads until you reach the other side of yourflower center – when you get there, make sure to go back through those final few wrapper beads again so that everything is extra secure before moving on…

5 Now it’s time to add some leaves! Cut another piece of beading thread – this time we cut ours about 12 inches long since our leaves are going to be smaller than our flowers. String on 3 green beads, then skip 1 bead on your main flower bracelet strand… and string those 3 green leaves onto that skipped bead (as shown in photo below).

  • Cut a length of beading thread and thread on a needle
  • String on a daisy bead, followed by six seed beads
  • Repeat this pattern until the bracelet is the desired length
  • To finish, tie a knot in the end of the thread and trim any excess

Beaded Flower Bracelet Tutorial

Beaded flower bracelets are a fun and easy project that you can complete in just a few minutes! With just a few supplies, you can create these beautiful bracelets to give as gifts or keep for yourself. This tutorial will show you how to make your own beaded flower bracelet using just a few simple materials.

You will need: – Assorted beads (I used 6mm glass beads) – Jewelry wire (I used 26 gauge)

– Wire cutters – Needle nose pliers (optional) 1. Start by cutting a piece of jewelry wire to the desired length.

I like to make my bracelets about 7 inches long, but you can adjust the length to fit your wrist. Make sure to leave enough wire at the end to attach the clasp. 2. Next, string on your beads in whatever pattern you like.

I did a simple alternating pattern of three different colors, but feel free to get creative! 3. Once all of your beads are strung on, use needle nose pliers (if desired) to twist the end of the wire around itself several times to secure the beads in place. Then, trim off any excess wire.

4. To add the clasp, open up one jump ring and slip it through the loop at the end of the bracelet wire. Attach your desired clasp (I used a lobster claw clasp), then close up the jump ring again. 5. And that’s it!

Your beaded flower bracelet is now complete and ready to wear!

How to Make Daisy Chain Beads

Making Daisy Chain Beads is a fun and easy project that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. Here are the supplies you will need to get started: -Beads (We recommend using 3mm or 4mm beads)

-Wire (We recommend using 22 gauge wire) -Wire cutters -Needle nose pliers (optional)

Instructions: 1. Start by threading your wire through the first bead. Then thread the wire back through the bead in the opposite direction.

This will create a “daisy” shape with the bead in the center. 2. Thread on additional beads, one at a time, until you have reached your desired length. Make sure to go through each bead twice so that they are all securely attached to the wire.

3. Once you have reached your desired length, use your wire cutters to trim off any excess wire. You can then use your needle nose pliers to make a small loop at each end of the chain (this is optional but will help keep your beads from falling off). 4. That’s it!

How to Make a Flower Bracelet With String

If you’re looking for a fun and easy craft project, why not try making a flower bracelet with string? This simple bracelet can be made with just a few supplies, and it’s perfect for summertime. Here’s how to make your own flower bracelet with string:

1. Start by gathering your supplies. You’ll need some thin string, scissors, and beads in various colors. If you want, you can also add charms or other decorations to your bracelet.

2. Cut a length of string that will wrap around your wrist comfortably with some extra to spare. Tie the end of the string into a knot. 3. Begin threading beads onto the string, using whatever pattern you like.

When you get to the end of the string, tie another knot to secure the beads in place. 4. Trim any excess string from the ends of the bracelet. And that’s it!

Your beautiful flower bracelet is now complete.

Daisy Chain Bracelet

A daisy chain bracelet is a beautiful and unique piece of jewelry that can be worn by anyone. It is made up of small daisies that are linked together to form a bracelet. The daisies can be made from different materials such as beads, metal, or even fabric.

They are often brightly colored and very pretty. Daisy chain bracelets are not only pretty but they also have a lot of meaning. Each daisy represents something different.

For example, the color white often symbolizes purity or innocence while the color yellow represents happiness or joy. Daisy chain bracelets make great gifts for any occasion. They are perfect for birthdays, graduations, anniversaries, or just because.

Anybody would be happy to receive one of these lovely bracelets. If you are looking for a gift that is both meaningful and stylish, then look no further than a daisy chain bracelet!

How to Make Beaded Daisy Bracelets


How Do You Make a Beaded Daisy Chain Bracelet?

Beaded daisy chains are a beautiful and easy way to add some color and style to your wrist! Making your own beaded daisy chain bracelet is simple and only requires a few supplies. You’ll need:

-Beads in the colors of your choice (I used white, yellow, and pink) -Wire cutters -Needle nose pliers

-Jewelry making chain (I found mine at Michaels) or another type of stringing material -Lobster clasp 1. Begin by cutting a length of jewelry making chain (or stringing material) to fit snugly around your wrist.

Add a lobster clasp to one end of the chain using needle nose pliers. 2. Next, thread beads onto the other end of the chain until you have reached your desired length. I made my bracelet about 7 inches long.

3. Once you have added all of your beads, use needle nose pliers to attach the other end of the jewelry making chain (or stringing material) to the lobster clasp, completing your bracelet!

How Do You Make Flower Daisy Beads?

To make flower daisy beads, you will need the following supplies: seed beads, bugle beads, wire, pliers and scissors. Begin by threading a seed bead onto your wire. Then add a bugle bead.

Repeat this process until you have the desired length for your necklace or bracelet. Next, use your pliers to create a loop at one end of the wire. Finally, cut off any excess wire and enjoy your new jewelry!

How Do You Make Flower Beads Bracelets?

Flower beads bracelets are a fun and easy way to show your personality. They are also a great way to accessorize an outfit. You can make flower beads bracelets using different materials, including thread, wire, and even paper.

The most important part of making these bracelets is choosing the right flowers for the beads. The first step in making flower beads bracelets is to choose the flowers you want to use. It is best to use fresh flowers so that they are still soft.

This will make it easier to thread the bead onto the wire or thread. If you are using artificial flowers, make sure they are not too brittle or else they will break when you try to thread them on. Once you have chosen your flowers, cut off the stems so that only the blooms remain.

If the blooms are too big, you can cut them in half so that they fit better on the bracelet. Once all of your flowers are ready, start threading them onto the wire or thread. You can space them out however you like and create any pattern you want.

When all of your beads are threaded on, tie off the ends of the wire or thread and add a clasp if desired. Your flower bead bracelet is now complete!

How to make a DAISY CHAIN flower bracelet | Easy beaded 90s jewelry DIY


Overall, this blog post was very helpful in teaching its readers how to make beaded daisy bracelets. It went into detail about what supplies are needed and what steps to take in order to complete the bracelet. The author also included pictures along the way which made the instructions even easier to follow.

After reading this post, I feel confident that I could go out and make my own beaded daisy bracelet.

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