Making a silicone bead keychain is a fun and easy project that anyone can do. All you need are some silicone beads, a key ring, and some strong glue. Simply thread the beads onto the key ring in any pattern or design you like, then use the glue to secure them in place.

That’s it! You now have a unique and stylish keychain that is sure to stand out from the rest.

  • Gather supplies including: a keychain, silicone beads, and super glue
  • String the silicone beads onto the keychain in any pattern or design you like
  • Once all the beads are on the keychain, use a small amount of super glue to secure them in place
  • Let the glue dry completely before using your new keychain!

Silicone Beaded Keychain and Key Wristlet

How to Make a Silicone Bead Keychain With Tassel

Welcome! Today I’m going to be showing you how to make a silicone bead keychain with tassel. This is a really fun and easy project that makes for a great gift or just a fun little something for yourself!

So let’s get started… What You’ll Need: -Silicone beads in various colors (I used 10mm beads)

-Tassel (I used a 6″ tassel) -Key ring -Jump rings

-Wire cutters -Needle nose pliers Instructions:

1. Start by threading your beads onto the wire. I like to mix up the colors, so I did 3 of each color. But you can do whatever design you like!

2. Once all your beads are on, slide on the tassel. 3. Cut the wire, leaving about an inch or two extra. Using needle nose pliers, twist the end of the wire around itself to secure everything in place.

4. Now take one of your jump rings and open it up using needle nose pliers. Slide it through the loop at the top of the tassel, and then add your key ring before closing up the jump ring again.

How to Make a Silicone Bead Keychain


What Do I Need to Make Silicone Bead Keychains?

Assuming you would like a step by step guide on how to make silicone bead keychains: You will need the following materials: -Silicone beads (can be found at any craft store)

-Keychain rings (also at any craft store) -Cord or string -Scissors

-Lighter (optional) First, take your cord or string and cut it to the desired length. Next, thread the cord through each bead until you have reached the end.

If you find that the beads are slipping off easily, you can singe the end of the cord with a lighter to help keep them in place. Finally, add a keychain ring to each end of the string and voila! You now have a new silicone bead keychain.

What Kind of String Do You Use for Silicone Bead Keychains?

There are a few different types of string that can be used for silicone bead keychains, but the most popular and widely available type is clear fishing line. This line is strong and durable enough to stand up to constant use, but also has some flexibility which makes it ideal for threading through small beads. It is also relatively inexpensive, so you won’t have to spend a lot of money on materials.

How Do You Make a Wristlet Keychain With Silicone Beads?

If you want to make a wristlet keychain with silicone beads, you’ll need a few supplies. First, gather your beads. You’ll need enough beads to string around your wrist plus a few extra in case you make a mistake.

Next, get some elastic beading cord. You can find this at most craft stores. It’s important to get the right size cord – if it’s too thick, your beads won’t fit over it; if it’s too thin, it will be difficult to thread the beads onto the cord.

Now that you have your supplies, let’s get started! Begin by tying a knot in one end of the cord. Then start threading on your beads.

You can do this randomly or create a pattern – it’s up to you! Once all of your beads are strung on, tie another knot in the other end of the cord to secure them in place. Trim any excess cord and voila – you’ve made yourself a cute little wristlet keychain!

Can You Make Silicone Beads at Home?

You can absolutely make silicone beads at home! The process is pretty simple and only requires a few materials that you likely already have around the house. All you need is some silicone caulk, food coloring, and a mold (which can be anything from a Tupperware container to a candy mold).

First, mix together your silicone caulk and food coloring to create the desired shade of bead you want. Then, carefully spoon the mixture into your mold, filling each cavity about halfway. Be sure not to overfill or the beads will be too thick.

Pop any air bubbles that appear with a toothpick. Let the beads sit in the mold for 24 hours so they can fully harden. Once they’re ready, simply pop them out of the mold and voila – you’ve got beautiful homemade silicone beads!


This blog post provides clear and concise instructions on how to make a silicone bead keychain. By following the steps outlined in the post, you can easily create your own keychain that is both stylish and unique.

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