1. Cut a length of beading thread, leaving a tail for knotting. Thread on a needle. 2. String your beads onto the thread in the pattern of your choice.

Leave enough space at the end of the thread for attaching the keychain hardware. 3. Tie a knot at the end of the beadwork, making sure all beads are snug against each other. Trim away any excess thread.

4. Attach keychain hardware to either end of the beadwork using jump rings or split rings.

  • Cut a length of beading thread, leaving about a foot extra to work with
  • String on a needle and tie a knot at the end
  • String on your first bead
  • It can be any size or shape! Then string on 3 seed beads
  • These will act as spacers between the larger beads
  • String on your next large bead, followed by 3 more seed beads
  • Repeat this pattern until you have reached your desired length for the keychain wristlet portion
  • 4To finish off, string on 2 more seed beads, then tie a knot in the thread and trim off any excess

Tutorial – DIY Silicone Beaded Wristlet Keychain

How to Make a Silicone Bead Keychain With Tassel

I don’t know about you, but I always seem to lose my keys! So, I decided to make a keychain that would be both stylish and easy to find. This silicone bead keychain with tassel is the perfect solution!

Not only does it look great, but it’s also super simple to make. Here’s what you’ll need: -Silicone beads in your choice of colors (I used black and white)

-Key ring -Tassel (I found mine at a craft store) -Super glue

Start by stringing your silicone beads onto the key ring. You can mix and match the colors however you like! Once all of the beads are on, add a drop of super glue to the end of the strand and attach the tassel.

That’s it! Your new keychain is ready to use.

How to Make a Beaded Wristlet Keychain

Credit: carasupply.com

What Do You Need to Make a Wristlet Keychain?

Assuming you would like a step-by-step guide on how to make a wristlet keychain: What You Need: 1. A Keyring

2. A Wrist Strap (preferably with a clip) 3. Scissors OR a Knife 4. Lighter (optional)

5. Ruler (optional) Instructions: 1. If your wrist strap does not already have a keyring attached, use scissors or a knife to carefully create an opening at one end of the strap large enough to thread your keyring through

2. Once the keyring is through, pull the two ends of the strap until they meet and secure in place by either tying a knot or using a lighter to melt/seal the ends together (be sure to leave about an inch of excess strap on either side of the keyring) 3. Trim off any excess strap using scissors or a knife, being careful not to cut too close to the secure end – you don’t want your keys falling out!

What String Do You Use for Beaded Keychains?

The most popular string for beaded keychains is stretchy beading cord. It is strong, yet has some give to it, so your beads won’t fall off easily. Beading cord comes in clear and a variety of colors, so you can choose what will work best with your design.

Other types of string that can be used for beaded keychains are fishing line or thin wire.

How Do You String Beads for Keychain?

There are a few different ways that you can string beads for keychain. The most important thing is to make sure that the beads are secure so that they don’t fall off of the keychain. One way to string beads for a keychain is to use beading wire.

This type of wire is specifically designed for beading and is very strong. It is also thin, so it won’t add a lot of bulk to your keychain. To use beading wire, thread it through each bead and then tie a knot at the end.

You can also add a clasp to one end of the beading wire so that it’s easier to attach your keychain. Another way to string beads for a keychain is to use fishing line. This type of line is also strong and won’t add bulk to your keychain.

However, it can be difficult to thread through small beads. If you’re using fishing line, you may need to use a needle to help thread the beads onto the line. Once all of the beads are on, tie a knot at the end and add a clasp if desired.

You can also use ribbon or cord to string your beads. These materials are not as strong as beading wire or fishing line, but they’re much easier to work with. Simply thread the ribbon or cord through each bead until you have all of them on there.

How Do You Make Beaded Tassels for Keychains?

If you’re looking to add a touch of fun and flair to your keychain, consider making beaded tassels! Beaded tassels are easy to make and can be customized to match any style. Plus, they make great gifts!

Here’s how to make your own beaded tassel keychains: 1. Gather your materials. You’ll need beads, wire, scissors, and a key ring.

Choose beads in colors that coordinate with each other and complement your personal style. 2. Cut a length of wire about 12 inches long. Fold the wire in half and thread on your beads, leaving about 2 inches of wire at the top.

Continue adding beads until the entire length of wire is filled. 3. Once all of your beads are in place, fold the two ends of wire together and twist to secure. Trim any excess wire if necessary.

4.. To create the tassel effect, wrap the wired portion around a pencil or pen several times tightly. Carefully slide the wrapped wires off of the pencil/pen and bring the two ends together, twisting to secure once again.

. Make sure the loop at the top is large enough to easily slip over your key ring..

If desired, trim any uneven edges from the bottom of your tassel.. !


This beaded wristlet keychain is a great project for kids and adults alike. It’s a quick and easy way to add some personality to your keys, and it also makes a great gift. With just a few supplies and some simple instructions, you can make your own beaded wristlet keychain in no time.

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