How to Use a Bead Spinner
How to Use a Bead Spinner

A bead spinner is a tool that helps you quickly and easily add beads to your beading projects. To use a bead spinner, first thread your beads onto the spinning rod. Next, hold the end of the rod with one hand and use the other hand to spin the rod.

The centrifugal force will cause the beads to move outward on the rod. Finally, stop spinning and slide the beads off of the rod onto your project.

  • Start by threading your beading needle with beading thread
  • Next, string on a stop bead followed by the beads you want to use for your design
  • Once you have all of the beads strung onto the thread, tie a knot in the thread above the stop bead to secure everything in place
  • To use the bead spinner, start by holding it in one hand and gently spinning the top part with your other hand
  • As the beads start to spin around, slowly add more pressure until they are spinning quickly
  • You can then start adding new beads to the mix by carefully placing them on top of the spinning beads with tweezers or another tool

How to Use a Bead Spinner Needle

Assuming you would like a blog post about how to use a bead spinner needle: Bead spinning is a great way to add texture and interest to your beadwork. It’s easy to do and only requires a few supplies.

Here’s what you need to get started: -A bead spinner needle. You can find these at most craft stores or online.

Make sure to get the right size for the beads you’ll be using. -Beads! Obviously, you’ll need some beads to spin.

Pick out some that go well together and have fun with it. -Thread. Again, pick something that will work well with your beads.

Silk thread is always a good choice. -Scissors. You’ll need these to cut your thread when you’re done spinning beads.

-A small dish or container for holding your beads while you work. Now that you have everything gathered, let’s get started! First, thread your needle with a length of thread that is comfortable to work with (remember, you can always cut it shorter if needed).

Then, tie a knot at the end of the string so your beads don’t fall off while you’re working. Now fill up your dish with beads – make sure not select too many or it will be difficult to spin them all on one string! Take one bead at a time and slide it onto your needle until all of them are strung on the thread. Once they are all in place, carefully hold onto both ends of the string and start spinning – watch as the beads twist around each other and create an interesting pattern! When you’re happy with how they look, cut off excess thread and tie another knot at the end so your hard work doesn’t come undone. That’s it – now enjoy wearing or displaying your beautiful new beadwork!

How to Use a Bead Spinner With String

Bead spinners are a great way to add beads to string without having to thread them individually. They work by spinning the beads around the string, allowing you to add as many or as few as you like. You can use a bead spinner with any type of string, including beading thread, fishing line, and even dental floss!

Here’s how to use one: 1. Start by threading your string through the center of the bead spinner. If using beading thread, make sure to leave a long tail so that you can tie it off later.

2. Next, add your beads onto the string. You can do this one at a time or all at once, depending on how many beads you’re using. 3. Once all of your beads are in place, hold onto the ends of the string and give the bead spinner a good spin.

The faster you spin it, the more evenly the beads will be distributed along the length of string. 4. Finally, cut off the excess string and tie it off if necessary. And that’s it!

How to Make a Bracelet With a Bead Spinner

Making bracelets with a bead spinner is a fun and easy way to add some flair to your jewelry collection. With just a few simple supplies, you can create beautiful bracelets in no time! Here’s what you’ll need:

-Bead spinner -Beads (of your choice) -Spacer beads (optional)

-Stretchy beading thread or fishing line -Scissors To start, cut a length of beading thread or fishing line that is about twice the circumference of your wrist.

Then, thread on your beads in any pattern or design that you like. If you are using larger beads, you may want to add some smaller spacer beads between them for balance. Once you have all of your beads threaded on, tie the two ends of the thread together securely, making sure that the knot is hidden inside one of the beads.

Now it’s time to use the bead spinner! To do this, hold one end of the bracelet in each hand and twist them in opposite directions until the bracelet starts to spin. While it’s spinning, quickly slide the bead spinner onto the bracelet and give it a few more twists to get it started.

The bead spinner will do all of the work for you from here – just hold onto it and let it spin until all of the beads are nicely wrapped around the string. When you’re happy with how it looks, carefully remove the bead spinner and tie off the end of the bracelet again. And that’s it – you’ve now made your very own bracelet with a bead spinner!

How to Use an Electric Bead Spinner

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to add some flair to your jewelry, an electric bead spinner is the perfect tool! Here’s how to use one: 1. Start by threading your beads onto a wire or cord.

Make sure that the beads are all facing the same direction. 2. Attach one end of the wire or cord to the top of the spinner. The other end will be attached to your power source (typically a battery pack).

3. Turn on the power and watch as the beads start spinning around! 4. As they spin, use a tweezers or your fingers to add more beads onto the wire. You can also experiment with different colors and sizes of beads to create unique looks.

5. Once you’re happy with your design, turn off the power and carefully remove the wire from the spinner. Your beautiful new jewelry is now ready to wear!

How to Use a Bead Spinner With Clay Beads

Bead spinning is a great way to add texture and interest to your clay beads. It’s easy to do and only requires a few supplies. Here’s what you’ll need:

-A bead spinner (you can find these online or at most craft stores) -Clay beads (I like to use colorful ones, but you can use any type you like) -A small bowl of water for wetting the clay beads before spinning them on the spinner

To get started, simply thread your clay beads onto the spinner. Wet each bead slightly with your finger before adding it to the spinner. This will help the beads adhere to each other as they spin.

Once all of your beads are on, give the spinner a good hard spin. The centrifugal force will cause the beads to spread out and start forming a circular shape. Keep spinning until all of the clay is used up and you have a nice round disc of textured clay.

You can then use this disc in any way you like! I often cut it into smaller pieces and use them as embellishments on my polymer clay jewelry or sculptures. But there are endless possibilities – experiment and have fun!

How to Use a Bead Spinner


How Do You Put String on a Bead Spinner Needle?

In order to put string on a bead spinner needle, you will first need to thread the needle. Start by threading the needle through the eye of the bead spinner. Then, take the end of the string and thread it through the needle.

Once the string is threaded through the needle, tie a knot at the end of the string. This will prevent the beads from falling off of the needle while you are spinning them. To start spinning the beads, hold onto both ends of the string and gently pull them apart.

The beads should start spinning around the needle. Continue to hold onto both ends of the string and spin until all of the beads have been spun off of one side ofthe needle.

How Do You Use a Beading Wire With a Bead Spinner?

Beading wire is a type of craft wire that is specifically designed for stringing beads. It is usually made from twisted strands of copper or other metals, and it is much thinner and more flexible than other types of wire. Beading wire typically comes in spools of various lengths, and the gauge (thickness) will vary depending on the type of beads you are using.

To use a bead spinner with beading wire, start by threading the end of the wire through the eye of the needle on the spinner. Then, add your beads to the wire one at a time. As you add each bead, hold it in place with your fingers and spin the spinner handle to wrap the wire around it.

Continue adding beads and wrapping them until you have reached your desired length. Finally, cut off any excess wire and secure it with a crimp bead or knot.

What Beads Do You Use for a Bead Spinner?

Bead spinners are traditionally used to string beads onto a thread or wire. The most common type of bead spinner consists of a disc with multiple holes that the beads can be strung onto. The disc is rotated and the beads are fed into the holes.

As the disc rotates, the beads are forced up against the wall of the hole and spin around. This action causes the beads to line up in a straight row. The type of bead you use will depend on the project you are working on.

For example, if you are making a bracelet, you might want to use small seed beads. If you are making a necklace, you might want to use larger beads. There are also speciality beads that can be used for specific projects, like pearlized glass beads or metal-coated plastic beads.

How Do You Make a Necklace With a Bead Spinner?

Assuming you would like a step by step guide on how to make a necklace with a bead spinner: You will need: -Bead spinner

-Necklace cord or string -Scissors -Lobster claw clasp

-Jump rings 1. Start by threading your cord or string through the center hole of the bead spinner. If using multiple colors, add desired amount of each color to separate sections of the spinning tray.

2. Once all beads are in place, cut the end of the cord leaving about 6 inches for tying off. Begin spinning the handle clockwise until all beads are tightly wound onto the string. 3. Next, measure out 18 inches of string and cut.

Feed one end of this new piece through the loop at the top of the spinner, then tie a knot close to where it meets the rest of the string (this will be used to attach your lobster claw clasp later). 4. To finish, slide all beads off of the spinner onto this 18 inch piece and spread them out evenly. Tie another knot at the other end, then use jump rings to attach your lobster claw clasp (one jump ring on each side).

Trim any excess cord and viola!

How to use a Bead Spinner


A bead spinner is a great tool to have when you want to add beads to your projects. It is easy to use and gives you a lot of control over the size and placement of the beads. You can also use it to make multiple strands of beads at once.

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