Use a bead and tool to put tinsel in your hair. First, take a small section of hair and hold it between the thumb and index finger of your non-dominant hand. Next, use the bead and tool to grab a small amount of tinsel.

Pull the tinsel through the hair section, being careful not to pull too hard or you may break the strand of tinsel. Finally, release the hair section and allow the tinsel to fall naturally into place.

  • Gather your materials
  • You will need a strand of tinsel, a small bead, and a tool to help thread the bead onto the tinsel
  • Cut a length of tinsel from the spool
  • The length will depend on how much hair you have and how full you want the finished product to be
  • Thread the bead onto the tinsel using the tool
  • Make sure that the bead is secure and won’t slide off easily
  • Start at the root of your hair and carefully insert the tinsel into your hair, pushing it up towards the top of your head
  • Repeat until all of your hair is covered in tinsel or you reach your desired look
How to Put Tinsel in Hair With Bead And Tool


How Do You Attach a Tinsel to Your Hair?

To attach tinsel to your hair, you will need a comb, a small amount of hair gel, and a strip of tape. First, use the comb to back-comb your hair in the area where you want the tinsel to go. This will help the tinsel to stay in place.

Next, apply a small amount of hair gel to the back-combed area and smooth it over with your fingers. Finally, take the strip of tape and attach it firmly to the base of your hair near the back-combed area. The tinsel should now be securely in place!

How Do You Put a Hair Tinsel in Your Hair by Yourself?

If you’re looking to add a little extra sparkle to your hair, hair tinsel is a great option. But if you’ve never used it before, the thought of putting it in your hair by yourself can be a bit daunting. Never fear!

With a little patience and practice, you’ll be a pro in no time. Here’s what you’ll need: -Hair tinsel

-Scissors -Clear rubber bands or bobby pins (optional) 1. Start with clean, dry hair that is free of any oils or products.

If your hair is on the shorter side, you may want to use clear rubber bands or bobby pins to secure the tinsel in place. 2. Cut a small section of tinsel from the spool, making sure it’s long enough to reach from the root of your hair to the ends. You can always trim it down later if necessary.

3. Using your fingers or tweezers, carefully thread the tinsel through a small section of hair near the roots. Gently pull it until the entire strand is lying flat against your head. 4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 until all of your desired sections are covered with tinsel.

5. Once all strands are in place, lightly mist with hairspray to help keep them secure throughout the day (or night!).

How Do You Use the Fairy Hair Tool?

Assuming you are referring to the hair tool used for dreadlocks: To use the fairy hair tool, first gather your hair into sections. Then, take a small amount of gel or wax and rub it onto the strands of hair.

Next, insert the metal coils of the tool into each section of hair. Finally, twist the coils around each other to create tight locks.

How Do You Get Hair Tinsel Out of Beads?

If you have hair tinsel in beads, the best way to remove it is with a pair of tweezers. First, find the end of the tinsel and grab it with the tweezers. Then, gently pull the tinsel out of the bead.

If the tinsel is wrapped around the bead multiple times, you may need to use a sharp object like a needle to help loosen it before you can pull it out with the tweezers.

How To Add Hair Tinsel With Micro Beads

How to Put Hair Tinsel in With Loop Tool

If you’re looking to add a little extra sparkle to your look, hair tinsel is the way to go! But if you’ve never used this product before, it can be tricky to know how to apply it. Luckily, we’re here to help with a step-by-step guide on how to put hair tinsel in using a loop tool.

First, start with clean, dry hair that’s free of any oils or products. Then, take your loop tool and open up the small metal ring. Next, thread the end of the hair tinsel through the ring so that there’s about an inch of Tinsel sticking out.

Now gently pull the loop tool down the length of your hair, letting the Tinsel fall as you go. Once you reach the end of your hair, cut off any excess Tinsel and close up the metal ring with the loop tool. And that’s it!

You’ve successfully added some extra sparkle and shine to your ‘do!


This is a great way to put tinsel in your hair without having to use any glue or tape. It’s quick and easy, and it looks great!

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