1. Gather your materials. You will need a variety of beads, thread, needle, and scissors. 2. Start by threading your needle with a long piece of thread.

Then string on a variety of beads in the pattern or design of your choice. 3. Once you have strung all of the beads onto the thread, tie it off at the end to secure them in place. 4. Next, cut a piece of fabric that is large enough to fit all of the beads when it is folded in half.

Fold the fabric in half and then sew along the edges to create a seam.

  • Decide on the size and shape of your purse
  • Cut a piece of fabric or leather to the desired size and shape
  • Trace a design onto the fabric with chalk or a fabric pen
  • Sew beads onto the fabric following your design, using a needle and thread
  • 5) Use embroidery floss, yarn, or ribbon to create a strap for your purse, attaching it securely to the body of the purse
  • 6) Trim away any excess fabric or thread, and enjoy your new beaded purse!

How to Make Beaded Bags And Purses Pdf

Making beaded bags and purses is a fun and easy way to add some sparkle and personality to your wardrobe. Plus, they make great gifts! Here’s a quick guide on how to make beaded bags and purses.

What You’ll Need: -Beads (I like to use seed beads or pony beads) -Embroidery thread or fishing line

-Scissors -A needle with a large eye (or you can use a bead loom) -A piece of leather, felt, or fabric for the bag bottom (optional)

Instructions: 1. Start by threading your needle with about 3 feet of thread. Tie a knot at the end.

2. String on as many beads as you’d like. I usually do about 50 beads per inch. If you want a solid color bag, use all one color of bead.

For a more colorful look, mix and match different colors of beads! 3. Once you have all your beads strung on, tie another knot at the end of the thread to secure them in place. Trim any excess thread.

4. Now it’s time to start stitching! Weave your needle in and out of the beads, following along the outside edge of the design until you reach the beginning again. Make sure to pull tight after each stitch so that the beads lay flat against each other (but not too tight or they will crack). When you get back to where you started, tie off the end with a knot and trim any excess thread. 5If desired, add a bottom piece to your purse by cutting a circle out of leather, felt, or fabric slightly smaller than your beaded design . Sew or glue this piece onto the wrong side of your purse so that it covers up any loose threads and provides stability . Your purse is now complete !

Crystal Beads for Bag Making

Beaded bags are all the rage these days and one of the most popular materials to use for bead embroidery is crystals. There are a few things you should know about using crystals beads for bag making before you get started. The first thing to consider is the size of the beads.

You’ll want to choose beads that are small enough to fit through the needle eye and that won’t add too much bulk to your project. Crystal beads come in a variety of sizes, so it’s easy to find ones that will work for your project. Another thing to keep in mind is the weight of the beads.

Some crystals are very heavy and can weigh down your fabric, so it’s important to choose lighter beads if you’re working with delicate fabrics. When it comes to thread, there are a few different options that will work with crystal beads. Nymo thread is a good choice because it’s strong and doesn’t stretch, but fishing line or beading thread will also work.

Just make sure whatever thread you choose can hold up to repeated opening and closing of the needle eye. Finally, when choosing crystals for your project, think about what color scheme you’re going for. Crystal come in every color under the rainbow, so take some time to browse until you find just the right shade (or shades) for your bag.

With these tips in mind, you’re ready to start creating beautiful beaded bags!

How to Bead a Small Purse

Are you looking for a new, unique purse that will show off your personal style? If so, then beading a small purse may be the perfect project for you! Beading purses is a fun and easy way to add personality to an otherwise ordinary accessory.

Plus, it’s a great way to use up those extra beads you have lying around. Not sure how to get started? Read on for a step-by-step guide on how to bead a small purse.

What You’ll Need: -Small purse (leather, fabric, or even recycled from an old one!) -Beads in various colors and sizes (seed beads work well)

-Thread or fishing line -Needle -Scissors

Step 1: Decide on the design of your beaded purse. Will you go for a geometric pattern? Randomly placed beads?

Something else entirely? Once you have an idea in mind, it’s time to start stringing those beads! Step 2: Cut a length of thread or fishing line that is long enough to string all of your beads plus about 6 inches.

This extra length will come in handy later when we start stitching the beads onto the purse. Step 3: String the beads onto the thread in your desired pattern. If you need help keeping track of your bead placement, try using masking tape or Post-It notes as markers. Step 4: Once all of your beads are strung, it’s time to start attaching them to the purse. Start by tieing a knot at one end of the thread. Then, poke the needle through one side of the purse and out through the other side. Thread the needle back through some of the nearby beads before pulling tight (this will help keep them in place). Repeat this process until all of your beads are attached to the purse. Step 5: When you reach the end of your thread/beads, make sure to tie off securely with a knot before trimming any excess thread away with scissors. And that’s it—you’re finished!

How to Make Beaded Purse Strap

A beaded purse strap is a great way to add some personality to your purse. You can use any type of beads you like, and the process is relatively simple. Here’s how to make your own beaded purse strap:

1. Gather your materials. You’ll need beads, needle and thread, and a length of cord or ribbon. 2. Decide on the pattern for your beadwork.

You can string the beads in any order you like, but it’s helpful to plan out the design ahead of time so that you don’t end up with a jumbled mess. 3. Start stringing the beads onto the cord or ribbon using a needle and thread. Take care not to pull too tightly, as you don’t want the beadwork to pucker when finished.

4. Once all the beads are strung, tie off the end of the thread securely and trim away any excess cord or ribbon. 5 . Attach the beaded strap to your purse by tying it onto each side of the bag’s handles .

Knot it securely so that it doesn’t come undone easily . And there you have it – a pretty new beaded purse strap!

How to Make Beaded Purses

Credit: www.instructables.com

What Thread Do You Use for Beaded Bags?

Beaded bags are often made with a special type of thread that is strong enough to support the weight of the beads and other materials used in the bag. This type of thread is typically made from nylon or polyester and has a high breaking strength.

How to Make a Pearl Beaded Purse?

Making a pearl beaded purse is a fun and easy project that can be completed in just a few hours. All you need is some basic sewing supplies and a few yards of pretty fabric. You can find everything you need to make this purse at your local craft store.

To start, cut two rectangles of fabric that are 14 inches wide by 18 inches long. Fold each piece of fabric in half lengthwise, wrong sides together, and sew along the long side and one short side with a 1/4 inch seam allowance. Press the seams open.

Next, turn one of the pieces of fabric right side out and insert it inside the other piece so that the right sides are together. Sew around the remaining three sides with a 1/2 inch seam allowance, leaving a 3 inch opening for turning on one of the short sides. Clip the corners and turn right side out through the opening.

Press well, especially around the opening. Sew around the perimeter of the purse with a narrow zigzag stitch or serge to finish off the raw edges and close up the opening used for turning. Finally, thread a length of ribbon through each side seam near the top edge of the purse and tie in a bow to create handles.

Your pretty new pearl beaded purse is now complete!

Are Beaded Bags in Fashion 2022?

Beaded bags are definitely in for 2022! The trend has been slowly building for a few seasons now, and it’s set to explode next year. Bags adorned with beads, sequins, and other sparkly embellishments were all over the runways for Spring/Summer 2022, so you can bet they’ll be everywhere come next year.

Whether you want to go all-out with a beaded bag or keep it more subdued with just a few accent beads, there’s definitely a style out there for everyone. And because beading is such a versatile decoration, it can be used on all sorts of different bag styles – from traditional handbags to trendy crossbody bags. So if you’re looking for a way to add some extra pizzazz to your outfit next year, reach for a beaded bag!

How to Make a Kandi Bag?

Kandi bags are a great way to show off your personality and style, and they’re also a lot of fun to make! Here’s how to make your own kandi bag: 1. Choose your fabric.

Kandi bags can be made from all sorts of different fabrics, so choose something that reflects your personality and style. 2. Cut out two pieces of fabric in the shape of a rectangle. The dimensions of therectangle will depend on how big you want your kandi bag to be.

3. Sew the two pieces of fabric together along three sides, leaving one side open. 4. Turn the bag right side out and press the seams flat. Then, topstitch around the entire perimeter of the bag.

5. Decorate your kandi bag with beads, sequins, ribbon, or anything else you can think of! Be creative and have fun with it!



This blog post provides clear and concise instructions on how to make beaded purses. With a few simple materials and some patience, anyone can make these beautiful accessories. These purses are perfect for gifts or as a personal accessory, and they add a touch of elegance to any outfit.

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