Making a beaded ball is not as difficult as it may seem. All you need is some patience, time and the following materials: seed beads, fishing line, needle and scissors. To start, thread your needle with about two feet of fishing line.

Then string on approximately 50 seed beads. Once all the beads are on the line, tie a knot at the end to secure them. Next, take the needle and poke it through the first bead again (going back in the direction that you came).

String on another bead and continue this pattern until all of the beads are used up. Make sure to pull tight after each bead so that they are all close together. When you reach the last bead, tie off the end with a knot and trim any excess fishing line.

Your beaded ball is now complete!

  • Choose the beads you want to use and thread them onto the beading wire
  • Arrange the beads in the pattern you want them to go in
  • Once you have the desired arrangement, start crimping the wire around each bead to secure it in place
  • Continue until all of the beads are crimped securely and then trim any excess wire off with wire cutters
  • 5) Attach a clasp to each end of the beaded wire using jump rings or split rings

30 Beaded Ball Tutorial || Easy Method for beginners || Beaded Ball

How to Make 12 Beaded Ball

Making a beaded ball is a fun and easy project that you can do at home. With just a few supplies, you can make a beautiful and unique beaded ball that will impress your friends and family. Here’s what you’ll need:

-12 beads (I used 6mm glass beads) -1 yard of fishing line or beading thread -Scissors

-A needle with a large eye (I used a size 12 needle) Start by threading your needle with the fishing line or beading thread. Then string on all 12 of your beads.

Once all the beads are on the thread, tie a knot at the end to secure them. Now poke the needle back through the first bead, making sure to go from front to back. Continue this pattern until all of the beads are linked together and you have formed a complete circle.

Tie another knot at the end to secure everything in place. Trim any excess fishing line or beading thread, and your beaded ball is finished!

How to Make Beaded Ball


What are Bead Balls?

Bead balls are a type of toy or stress relief device that consists of a small, hard ball covered in colorful beads. The beads can be made from a variety of materials, including plastic, metal, glass or wood. There is no one specific way to make a bead ball, but they are often created by threading the beads onto a string or wire and then sealing them inside the ball.

Some bead balls also have small bells or other objects inside them for additional sensory stimulation. Bead balls can be used as fidget toys or stress relievers for both children and adults. Squeezing and rolling the ball between the hands can help to calm and focus someone who is feeling anxious or overwhelmed.

The brightly colored beads can also be visually pleasing and relaxing to look at. Bead balls can also provide tactile input for people who crave physical sensations (such as those with autism spectrum disorder).

How Do You Make Bead Cubes?

Bead cubes are a type of 3D puzzle, in which the challenge is to assemble a cube out of small beads. The beads are usually made of plastic, and each bead has a hole through its center. To make a bead cube, you will need:

-A base plate with pegs arranged in a square or cube pattern -An equal number of beads in each of six colors -Twelve long connectors (beads with two holes)

1. Begin by threading an equal number of beads onto each connector. You can use any combination of colors that you like. 2. Once all the connectors are threaded, it’s time to start building the cube.

Take two connectors and fit them together so that the holes line up and the beads form a row across the top and bottom of the connector pair. Repeat this step until all pairs of connectors have been used up and you have four rows of three connected beads. 3a.

If your base plate has square pegs, begin fitting the rows of connected beads onto the plate, matching up the colors as you go. Start with any row and fit it into place so that all three connectors rest on different pegs. 3b.

If your base plate has cubic pegs, begin by orienting one row so that two connecting pieces touch two adjacent faces of a central peg, then add another row above or below it in the same manner; continue until all four rows surround the central peg on all sides.. Now take another row and do likewise around another centralpeg until all eight cubespegs are occupied.

. All six colorsof beadsshould now be represented around eachof theeightcubes.. 4. To finish assemblingthecube, linktheremainingunusedconnectorstogetherinto tworingsandfit themoverthetopandbottomofthecube sothattheyrestonoppositesidesofeachrowofthreebeads(see illustration). Onceallthesethreadedconnectorsareinplace,youvecompletedyourbeadcube!

How Do I Make Beaded Seed Beads Fast?

There are a few different ways to make beaded seed beads fast. One way is to use a bead loom. This is a tool that helps you create even rows of beads quickly and easily.

Another way is to string the beads onto an elastic cord. This method is great for making bracelets or anklets. Finally, you can also thread the beads onto a needle and then sew them onto fabric or another project.

How Do You Make a Beaded Loop?

One way to make a beaded loop is to use what is called the double half hitch knot. This is done by stringing your beads onto your thread or wire, then making a loop with the wire and passing it over the top of the first bead. Next, take the end of the wire and pass it through the loop you just made.

Pull tight so that the bead sits snug against the first one. Now repeat this process, making sure to pass the wire over the top of each bead as you go. When you reach the last bead, make another loop and pass it through as before.

Once again, pull tight so that all of the beads are sitting snug against each other in a row. You have now successfully created a beaded loop!


The post offers clear instructions on how to make a beaded ball, complete with detailed photos. It also provides helpful tips on choosing the right beads and thread. Overall, this is an excellent resource for anyone interested in making their own beaded balls.

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