There are two beads on a shotgun, one at the end of the barrel and one near the chamber. To aim correctly, line up the front bead with the target and align the rear bead so it is slightly above and to the right of the front bead. The shotgun should be shouldered in a comfortable position so that when you look down the sights, your dominant eye is looking through the rear sight.

  • Find the shotgun’s front bead
  • This is typically located at the end of the barrel, near the muzzle
  • Sight along the length of the barrel until you see the front bead in alignment with the rear bead
  • The rear bead will be located on the shotgun’s stock, towards the back end of the gun
  • With both beads in alignment, raise or lower the gun until your target is centered in between them
  • Take a deep breath and slowly squeeze the trigger to fire

Shooting Tip: Shotgun Bead

How to Aim a Shotgun With Two Beads


How Do I Sight in a Shotgun With Two Beads

Assuming you are asking how to use two beads on a shotgun for aiming, there are a few schools of thought on the matter. The first is that the front bead should be lined up with the target and the rear bead should be used as a reference point for where the shot will actually go. The second method is to line up both beads with the target, and this is generally considered more accurate.

Whichever method you choose, make sure to practice at different ranges so that you know exactly where your gun is shooting.


Overall, it is important to practice shooting a shotgun with two beads in order to be more accurate. By using the front bead as a reference point, and aligning it with the target, the shooter can ensure that they are on target. The rear bead can then be used to make minor adjustments to ensure that the shot is on target.

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